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What is the Business Automation App Store?

If Better Proposals automates your sales. The Business Automation App Store automates your business. You can extend Better Proposals to be a more equipped and powerful business machine.

Three years of building, refinement and tinkering brings you the most complete set of business sales and marketing tools available under one roof.

Some apps are free, some are paid but all come with an over-the-phone demo and a 14-day free trial.
Imagine having all your contacts in one place no matter where you are in the world. That’s the Business Automation CRM.

Keep your entire team on the same page with notes and detailed record keeping of client conversations.

Know exactly who your best clients are from their buying histories, and by tracking their progress from sales enquiry through to becoming a client.
Make informed decisions about the direction of your company by having essential data at your fingertips - your entire company in one report.

View your sales, conversion rate and individual contributions of each staff member.

See which products and lead sources are responsible for the most revenue. This allows you to make smarter marketing decisions.
Project Management
Whenever a proposal is signed, a project is automatically created for you with all the tasks assigned to the correct people.

Anyone in the team, at any moment, can see what stage each project is at.

Deliver exceptional customer service by simply ticking a box to notify your clients by email every time a milestone task is completed.
Sales Tracker
A business relationship is about moving someone from one stage to the next with a systematic approach. Without knowing what stage they’re at, you can find yourself spinning your wheels with your prospect.

With Sales Tracker you’ll see exactly which of your prospects are closest to buying so you can move each of them promptly on to the next stage.

Don’t be boxed in by a company-wide sales process. Each product or service is different.
Google Calendar Integration
If you want to be notified about important tasks while you’re out and about, you can sync your reminders so they are wirelessly saved to your phone.

Team members can help each other out by adding reminders for each other. All alerts appear on the individual’s own device.

You’ll never miss a reminder again.
Follow Up
80% of sales are made on the 5th - 12th contact with your prospect. This makes follow up the most important aspect of your sales process.

The system intelligently suggests messages you might want to send your prospects.

Never miss opportunities because you forgot to set a reminder to call or email, nor do you need to think about what to say. Use our pre-written templates or create your own.

Follow up has never been easier or more effective.
Email Marketing Suite
Stay in touch with your contacts with less effort. Using the CRM to create your list and the integration with MailChimp to deliver your message, saves hours of switching between systems.

Build your list, type your email, and choose when to send. Segment the list by how they found you, what they’ve bought, when and much more.

Don’t worry - you will still benefit from MailChimp’s world-class reporting.
API: Website Integration
Currently, when you get a new sales enquiry, it triggers a labour intensive sales and marketing chain reaction in your business.

By connecting your website to the Business Automation CRM, it can automatically:
  • Create a new lead in the CRM
  • Set a reminder
  • Record any tracking codes and lead sources so you know which online marketing is working.
  • Send you an email like you would expect
  • Start a follow up sequence
  • Start Sales Tracker and automatically assign a product

Enjoy all these great addons and
start sending Better Proposals

Faster to write. Better looking. Better results.

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