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Faster to write your proposals Faster to write your proposals Writing your proposals in Word and InDesign is slow and manual. To create anything impressive just takes more time. Using intelligent templating and merge tags takes your proposal writing from hours to minutes.

There's no formatting to do and the design takes care of itself. All you need to do is type.
Save hours every time you write a proposal
Write proposals faster
Visually stunning proposals
Automatically great design Automatically great design Just write. The design and layout is taken care of for you.

The fonts are perfectly sized and spaced, images look incredible and your proposal will always look perfect on any device. When it's printed, it looks professionally designed, which makes your company look class come decision time.

If you want to go super advanced, you can customise any of the content with a full HTML editor.
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Impress your potential clients Impress your potential clients Whether you like it or not, your proposal will be judged on how it looks and makes your potential client feel.

From the way that the email arrives, to the awesome full screen covers, high definition imagery and embedded videos, they're left with no choice but to be impressed.
Start impressing your potential clients
Impress your clients
Our customers have won over £49,800,000 of business using Better Proposals
Digital signatures
Get proposals signed quicker Get your proposals signed quicker No more wasting time printing, scanning and emailing bits of paper, or worse yet doing nothing at all.

Using the built-in Digital Signature tool, your potential client can sign their name online to approve your proposal legally and securely. This covers both you and them with a minimum of fuss.

This has been tested and approved by the UK Small Claims Court.
Start getting your proposals signed faster
Know when to follow up Tells you exactly when to follow up Knowing the right time to follow up with a potential client has always been a mystery. Now the second your client opens your proposal you get an instant notification and you can track what they're reading live.

You can see which pages they've read, in what order and for how long. You can also see when they have forwarded it and which pages they have printed.

This information tells you exactly when to follow up.
Know when your proposals are opened
Instant notifications and analytics
Streamline your sales process
Organise your sales process More organised sales process Running a service business can be frantic. Who's had a proposal? Who hasn't? Who has agreed? Who are we negotiating with? What's now a project?

A structured sales process is the foundation of any successful business. Better Proposals shows you your pipeline, which stage each deal is at and what you need to follow up with next.
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"Since using Better Proposals it's integrated with our process seamlessly. It saves me hours each time I need to write a proposal which means I can spend more time doing things important to me."
Client Testimonial Jack Manley | Freestyle Web Design

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